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Bauma Exhibition, 2020 (Powered by DME&JDE GROUP)
We are in the Bauma Exhibition, 2020

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JDEFLEX Hydraulic Hose +DME Hydraulic Fitting
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Bauma 2020 China.

2020-11-24 will be started: 2020 Bauma CHINA Jdeflex
2020-11-24 will be started.
Jdeflex ( Powered by DME&JDE GROUP) : 2020 Bauma CHINA (SHANGHAI,CHINA) 2020 Bauma
Jdeflex ( Powered by DME&JDE GROUP) : 2020 Bauma CHINA (SHANGHAI,CHINA) 2020 Bauma
Jdeflex ( Powered by DME&JDE GROUP) : 2020 Bauma CHINA (SHANGHAI,CHINA) 2020 Bauma

Series of new products

IATF16949 (ISO / TS16949) Certification.
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Obtain IATF16949 (ISO / TS16949) Certification.
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Super Shield-flex series hose // Improve quality without increasing price
SHIED-FLEX Series Hoses – Redefining New Bottom Line Standards for Hydraulic Hoses!
SHIED-FLEX series hoses are one of the most widely used houses in the hydraulic systems of mining machinery, construction machinery, and injection molding machines. It is also our standard series hoses. The standards we are talking about implies that our hoses not only comply with standard production requirements but also go far beyond international standards SAE J517, EN 853, and EN 856. In this way, we redefine the new bottom line standards for hydraulic hoses in a real meaning.

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As we redefine the new bottom-line criteria hydraulic hose series,they conform and exceed EN853/856,SAEJ517,also,with their excellent performance is widely used in mining equipments,engineer equipments,highway construction equipment, marine equipment, coal mine equipment, building equipment, petroleum equipment and other industries.

No.1 Moving on | Abrasion-resistant,atmospheric-resistant


High-quality rubber cover

Fearless of rocks and sand;

Tenacious”vitality”at the mercy of the storm,

still the same!


No.2 Tireless | High impulse resistant


The inner rubber is extruded from synthetic rubber,

Without joints, uniform thickness,

can withstand higher pulse times, tireless!


No.3 Composed | High burst pressure

They can work under higher working pressure,

avoid safety accidents of hose bursting and collapse,

reduce forced downtime and improve the work efficiency of the machine.


No.4 Eco-friendly | Building a better world

Hose has passed BV environmental protection certification in France,

which promotes the sustainable development of ecological environment!


DME&JDE GROUP is a high-tech enterprise integrating product research,development, production and sales at home and abroad, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop hydraulic fluid products and services.With the changing market demand, DME&JDE research team will continuously optimize the hose material and strengthen the hose structure, so as to improve the hose pressure resistance, pulse performance and anti-aging,prolong the service life of the hose, improve the product safety factor, and truly realize "one pipe to the end".

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